Temple Infant & Child Laboratory | Lab Coordinators
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Lab Coordinators

Jordan Denaver

Michelle Harmon

Michelle Harmon is a Lab Coordinator in the Infant and Child Lab. She oversees all aspects of the lab from grant management to the lab’s physical space. Michelle brings extensive knowledge of conducting research, project management and Temple’s operating systems to the lab. Prior to joining the lab, her research projects focused on early childhood education, welfare reform and childcare subsidies, and most recently completed a 10-year study on the effects of criminal justice system involvement on first time juvenile offenders. Michelle is thrilled to have returned to her research roots in early childhood education. In addition, Michelle is a certified personal defense instructor and mom to four awesome kids and a pup.



Josh Litwin

Josh graduated with a B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. His undergrad research included working under Dr. Allyson Mackey at the Changing Brain Lab, as well as several other behavioral labs with focuses on Decision-Making and Morality. He is interested in studying the relationship between aging and memory, in the context of both early development and neurodegeneration.



Kate Hill

Kate graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in cognitive neuroscience from Temple University in 2022. During undergrad, she worked under Dr. Peter Marshall in the Developmental Science Lab, completing independent research within the lab, related to neural representations of fingers. She is interested in cognition, specifically when memory begins to fail.



Jordan Denaver

Jordan graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience from Haverford College. Her undergraduate research included working under Dr. Ryan Lei in the Intersectionality of the Social Mind Lab, focusing on how children think and learn about the social world. She is interested in studying developmental disorders and adjustment outcomes.

Lily Steele

Lily graduated with a B.A. in Applied Psychology and Human Development and a minor in Management for Social Impact from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education. Her undergrad research included working under Drs. Marina Vasilyeva and Elida Laski in the Math Learning Lab, as well as other work in STEM learning and predictors of achievement. She is interested in studying knowledge acquisition and factors that influence educational outcomes.

Olivia Biggs

Olivia graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Neuroscience and Business from Gettysburg College in 2024. Her undergraduate research included working under Dr. Kevin Wilson in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, focusing on how tDCS stimulation affects behavioral and emotional responses. She is interested in how neurodegenerative diseases modulate behavior and memory consolidation.