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In the News

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Winter 2024 (PDF)



My New Life (5/20):

“Baby talk: Learning your baby’s language with communication and play”


Raising Good Humans (4/20):

“How to get those babies talking!”


Early Learning Nation (3/20):

“The ooh-and-coo duet of babies’ language learning”


E! News (2/20):

“Babies first look: Netflix’s new show explores the ‘ultimate mystery’ of child development”


Spectrum News (8/19):

“Early exposure to speech may shape autistic children’s language ability”


Quartz (5/19):

“Laundromats are playing an unlikely role in the effort to shrink America’s literacy gap”


Yahoo (4/19):

“Why you Keep Talking to your Baby in an Annoying, High-Pitched Voice”


CNN (11/18):

“Talk to your baby like you talk to your dog”


Scientific American (2/18):

“Talking with—Not Just to—Kids Powers How They Learn Language”


NPR’s RadioTimes (11/14):
“How babies acquire language”


New York Times (10/14):
“Is E-Reading to Your Toddler Story Time, or Simply Screen Time?”


New York Times (10/14):
“Quality of Words, Not Quantity, Is Crucial to Language Skills, Study Finds”


myFox Tampa Bay (06/13):
“Parents, put down that phone”


WHYY News and Information (9/09):
“How much do Kids learn from TV?”


LiveScience (3/06):
“How Babies Learn their First Words”


ABC News (3/06):
“Interesting Objects Help Babies Learn New Words”


Language Hat (3/06):
“How Babies Learn Words”


FOX News (3/06):
“How Babies Learn Their First Words”


ScienceDaily (3/06):
“Infants Begin Learning Language as Early as 10 Months Researchers Find”


Pravda News (3/06):
“How Babies Learn their First Words”


MedicineNet (9/99):
“Baby Talk”



EdSurge (2/22)

Educators Have Some Pointed Advice For Tech Companies Building the Metaverse


Child Trends (5/19):

“Best Toys for Baby”


The Washington Post (9/17):

“Why it’s a real mistake to count on a cellphone when you go hiking”


BOLD (8/17):

“The connection between spatial intelligence and STEM”


The Psychologist (4/17):

“Building spatial skills in preschool”


KQED News Mind/Shift (12/15):
“Steps to Help Foster a Preschooler’s Spatial Reasoning Skills” 


Vox (9/15):
“Is GPS ruining our ability to navigate for ourselves?”


Association for Psychological Science (1/15):
“Playing With Puzzles and Blocks Could Build Children’s Spatial Skills”


Camp Spring Creek Blog (11/14):
“Spatial Learning for Preschoolers & Home Learning”


Camp Spring Creek Blog (11/14):
“Spatial Learning in the Elementary Years”


Association for Psychological Science Observer (12/14):
“Exploring Infant Cognition”


American Educator (Summer 2010):
“Picture This: Increasing Math and Science Learning by Improving Spatial Thinking”


NewsWorks (11/13):
“Lost in space: Is it possible to reprogram your spatial intelligence?”


Association for Psychological Science Observer (11/13):
“What We Know Now: How Psychological Science Has Changed Over a Quarter Century”


Global Cognition (10/13):
“Building Spatial Thinking Improves STEM Success”


University of Delaware UDaily (09/13):
“The building blocks of learning”


ScienceDaily (09/13):
“The Building Blocks of Learning, Literally”


American Psychological Association (06/13):
“New psychological research on STEM education is showcased on Capitol Hill”


Faculty Focus: Nora Newcombe


FABBS Foundation:
“The Benefits of Spatial Thinking”


Science Magazine (9/09):
“Science Needs Kids with Vision”


Psychological Science (7/09):
“Gender Differences in Space”


Science Daily (1/09):
“Where Am I? How Our Brain Works As A GPS Device”


Science News (12/08):
“Baby Boys May Show Spatial Supremacy”


The Chronicle for Higher Education (3/06):
“A Plea for Spatial Literacy”


NewsWise (10/06):
“NSF Awards Temple $3.5 Million for Spatial Learning Center”


National Public Radio (12/05):
“Gender Differences and Cognitive Abilities”

Play & Learning


Brookings (02/22):

“Making pre-K work: Lessons from the Tennessee study”


Brookings (10/20):

“The missing piece: Where is ‘education’ in the national conversation?”


Brookings (9/20):

“Scaling playful learning: How cities can reimagine public spaces to support children and families”


Insider (9/20):

“21 educational toys and activities for elementary-age kids, according to experts”


Move This World (9/20):

“The Saracast: Conversations in social emotional learning”


New America (9/20):

“How strange bedfellows can save science”


Live Science (8/20):

“Do STEM toys actually teach kids science and math?”


Live Science (8/20):

“The best STEM toys 2020”


School News Network (8/20):

“Teachers tap into existing online project-based lessons”


EdTech (7/20):

“Q&A: Kathy Hirsh-Pasek on finding the balance with screen time”


One News Page (7/20):

“Avoiding the COVID-19 slump”


Brookings (7/20):

“Should schools reopen? Balancing COVID-19 and learning loss for young children”


WMC Action News 5 (7/20):

“Best life: Avoiding the COVID-19 student slump”


BBC Reel (7/20):

“How screen time affects children”


EdTech (6/20):

“Schools strive for screen time balance in complex equation”


The Ledger (5/20):

“Online pre-K may be better than nothing”


ABC News (5/20):

“How to overcome ‘COVID-slump’ with your family”


Sesame Workshop (5/20):

“Kathy Hirsh-Pasek: The future of play”


Brookings (4/20):

“Avoiding the COVID-19 slump: Making up for lost school time”


30 Seconds (4/20):

“Raising kids during a pandemic: 12 tips for parenting young kids during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis”


The New York Times (4/20):

“Early education is more demanding than ever, and experts have concerns”


The Lily (4/20):

“Many parents are struggling with child care during coronavirus. Is asking for help allowed?”


The New York Times (4/20):

“Is quarantine worse for an only child?”


Child and Family Blog (4/20):

“Play could help reduce ‘COVID-19 slump’ in learning”


Quartz (4/20):

“A support guide for parents raising babies and toddlers through the coronavirus crisis”


Brookings (4/20):

“Are our preschool teachers worth more than they were two months ago?”


Brookings (3/20):

“A parent’s guide to surviving COVID-19: 8 strategies to keep children happy and healthy”


The Hechinger Report (3/20):

“Opinion: ‘There are policy solutions that can end the war on childhood, and the discussion should start this campaign season’: Six ways to help our youngest populations”


Brookings (2/20):

“Playful Learning Landscapes: At the intersection of education and placemaking”


NBC News (2/20):

“How play is making a comeback in kindergarten classrooms”


Early Learning Nation (1/20):

“To the Stars and Beyond from a Tower of Blocks”


WHYY You Oughta Know (1/20):

“Mental Gymnastics at the Bus Stop”


Quartz (1/20):

“Some toddlers are chronically absent from preschool. A text message can help”


NPR (10/19):

“The Key To Raising Brilliant Kids? Play A Game”


WHYY Radio Times (5/19):

“Kids and screens”


ABC 20/20 (5/19):

“‘ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting”


Cerebrum (2/19):

“Brain Training for Kids: Adding a Human Touch- With Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D.”


School News Network (9/18):

“ELL apps ‘open doors’ for early childhood students”


NPR (8/18):

“In Sesame’s New Show, To Play Is To Learn”


Los Angeles Times (8/18):

“It’s come to this: A checkup with the pediatrician may soon include a prescription for play”


The Atlantic (8/18):

“Playtime May Bolster Kids’ Mental Health”


The New York Times (7/18):

“9 Toys That Keep Kids Learning”


NPR (7/18):

“Raising Brilliant Kids- With Research To Back You Up”


The Inquirer (6/18):

“Philly library initiative encourages kids to run, climb, and scale walls”


Billy Penn (4/18):

“Transforming Philly into a giant playground, with benefits for kids and adults”


The Guardian (4/18):

“How babies learn- and why robots can’t compete”


The 74 (2/18):

“A New Push for Play-Based Learning: Why Districts Say It’s Leading to More Engaged Students, Collaborative Classmates … and Better Grades”


Financial Times (1/18):

“Next stop, puzzles: learning on the go in Philadelphia”


The New York Times (1/18):

“Taking Playtime Seriously”


WHYY News (1/16):
“Child learning: Flashy toys vs. nature”


New York Times (12/15):
“Traditional Toys May Beat Gadgets in Language Development”


New York Times (11/15):
“Many Children Under 5 Are Left to Their Mobile Devices, Survey Finds”


CBS News (5/15):
“Smart tips for parents about ‘educational’ apps for kids”


The Joan Ganz Cooney Center (5/15):
“Four ways to tell if an educational app will actually help your child learn”


Deans for Impact (9/15):
“The Science of Learning”


The Sydney Morning Herald (08/13):
“Kids need to stress less”


Education Week (06/12):
“Imaginations More Active Despite Less Play Time, Study Shows”


National Institute of Health, News in Health (06/12):
“It’s a Kid’s Job Playing Helps Kids Learn and Grow”


New York Times (10/10):
“Scary Story: The Picture Book Fades”


The American Prospect (7/10):
“A Place for Play”


Forbes (6/10):
“Baby Geniuses”


Huffington Post (1/10):
“A Tale of Two Worlds: B-School and High School”


Babytalk Magazine (12/09):
“How Smart Is Your Baby?”


Early Ed Watch (6/09):
“Some Thoughts about Playful Learning on My Daughter’s Last Day of Preschool”


Couriermail, Australia (6/09):
“Playtime can teach us all”


Couriermail, Australia (5/09):
“Learning to play a priority for little explorers”


The Boston Globe (2/09):
“Facing off against your kids”


The Los Angeles Times (12/08):
“E-books catch on with children”


Today Show (8/08):
“Are Kids Getting Enough Play?”


The Christian Science Monitor (9/06):
“Forget Flashcards, let’s play!”


Newsweek (10/07):
“The Case for Chutes and Ladders”


Forbes-MSNBC (8/06):
“How to Raise A Smarter Child”